crumble crum∙ble verb 1. to break or break sth into very small pieces • (使)破碎,成碎屑: ▪ [V]
»Rice flour makes the cake less likely to crumble.
▪ [VN]
»Crumble the cheese over the salad.
2. [V] if a building or piece of land is crumbling, parts of it are breaking off • 坍塌;损坏;崩裂:
»buildings crumbling into dust
»crumbling stonework
»The cliff is gradually crumbling away.
3. [V] crumble (into / to sth) | crumble (away) to begin to fail or get weaker or to come to an end • (开始渐渐)衰退,衰弱;崩溃;瓦解;消亡:
»a crumbling business / relationship
»All his hopes began to crumble away.
»The empire finally crumbled into dust.
【IDIOMS】--› see way n. noun [U, C] • (BrE) a dessert (= a sweet dish) made from fruit that is covered with a rough mixture of flour, butter and sugar, cooked in the oven and usually served hot • 酥皮水果甜点:
»apple crumble and custard
* * *
v. 弄碎, 粉碎, 崩潰
n. 麵包屑

English-Chinese dictionary. 2013.


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